Sadar Bazaar



Sadar Bazaar  is the largest wholesale market of  household items, toys imitation jewelry Indian traditional clothing and stationery. It is   is located at the western side of Khari Baoli in the capital city of  Delhi in  India. This market is overly crowded at all times and buzzing with activity. Though Sadar Bazaar (also known as just Sadar) is primarily a wholesale market, it also caters to occasional retail buyers. The small hole in the wall kinda outlets can be deceptive sometimes as they do huge volumes of business every day. A  visit to Sadar Bazaar at times can be a sensory overload due to fast paced crowded marketplace. The market can be chaotic for new firsts time visitors but to experience Delhi in its totality, a visit to the Sadar Bazaar is essential.

Try some of the Indian merchandise here that may have originated in the marketplace of Sadar Bazaar. 


Sadar Bazaar,  India